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Farmers and Agricultural Contractors 

R P & J Gaymer


Carried out with a variety of machines and implements. The main work horses are our 2 Challengers both giving 365HP and 600HP.

Also avalible are 4 x 200HP tractors for light work such as ploughing, power harrowing and rolling.

Implement List :

- 6F Lemken reversible mounted plough

- 7F Lemken reversible mounted plough

- 12F Gregoire Besson semi mounted plough

- 5m Vaderstad topdown with biodrill

- 5m Keeble with techneat drill unit

- 4m Keeble subsoiler

- 3m Keeble subsoiler

- 8m Rexus twin press

- 6m Kuhn power harrow

- 16m Ring rolls

- 12m Ring rolls

- 12m Flat rolls